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About the Back Pain Podcast

Back pain is common, far too common. Most people who suffer will have turned to many many resources to try to get some relief, help or clarity, and realised there is a wealth of information out there, some good, lots of it nonsense. We started this show to speak to the people who really understand back pain, the doctors, scientists, physios, chiropractors and other experts to help filter the good from the bad, and provide you with what really matters. What treatments, exercises and modalities which all help you get relief from your pain. Our goal is to educate a million of the people who who are currently struggling with back pain across the world. With expert guests, simplified research and top actionable takeaways you can begin your journey to managing, reducing and eventually becoming pain free.



“Thank you for your podcast. Tears rolled down my face as I listened to your episode

on Sciatica. So thankful I found your podcast as your conversation has given me hope.”

“I must say, I was blown away. I am now an avid listener. You guys are doing a fantastic job and a much needed service.”

“This podcast has finally given me the knowledge to understand my back and put me

on the road to recovery, both hosts are really good at what they do and funny and easy to listen too. Well recommended it.”

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Meet The Hosts

Dave Elliot

Dave Elliot

Robert Beaven

Robert Beaven

Dave is a chiropractor and multidisciplinary clinic owner He is the brains behind the podcast, but decided he needed a partner to actually make sure he went through with it.

A chiropractor by training Rob was fed up with the amount of misinformation that he kept seeing, aimed at the people suffering with back pain. So when Dave asked him to be a co-host he jumped at the chance to spread quality information to people in pain.

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